Thursday, February 21, 2008

Would YOU walk 7.3 Miles to Vote?

In surfing around there is some good news coming out in Texas and Ohio. It looks like Obama's grassroots experience is really making the difference in these two crucial states, Texas and Ohio. This doesn't mean that we need to rest or take victory for granted. It is always wise to operate like you are 40 points down.

Would you walk 7.3 miles to vote?

One amazing story that needs to be told coming out from Texas. It happened in Waller County, a rural county about 60 miles outside Houston. Students from Prairie View A&M, a historically black university decided that if their university was going to be singled out and not have a local voting location, they will walk 7.3 miles to the County Courthouse in Hempsted, TX. Students at this campus have been fighting for the right to be able to vote where they go to school way back in the elections of 2004 and 2006, but accroding to the Houston Chronicle, the county has faced numerous lawsuits over a 30 year period.

There were 1000 students and additional 1000 friends and supporters on the walk. Only two machines greeted them at the courthouse, but they lined up and took as long as they needed. Additional emergency polling places have been added and will open today (February 22nd and 23rd 7am-7pm) for early voting as well as for the March 4th election.

For years I have been frustrated by the apathy in this country especially among the youth in this country. This story is a dramatic example what is happening across the country with the youth and first time voters. I have complained that our country has turnouts of less than 50%, which is shameful. It has been my contention that if we could get an 80-90% turnout among registered voters and get people who have not registered to vote registered and voting, we would have a potent revolution. This is how change happens, when you can convince Americans their votes count and that it does matter that they actively work for change.

It is shameful that these kids had to walk 7.3 miles in order to exercise their rights. People who made that happen should be fired or voted out. This story should be on every news outlet, so every American can see that it is possible to awake from this sleepy apathy.

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