Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maven Endorses Obama

Maven has decided to support Obama. It was an agonizing decision. I have always admired the Clintons and the Clinton Administration, despite my passionate objections to NAFTA, Welfare-to-Work, and their inability to move forward to deal with global warming. For the past months I found the whole experience argument persuasive and I was prepared to vote for Hillary.

Being poltical junkies, my husband and I watched all the debates and lurked on political mailing lists. We did our research and talked to our friends and family. You can't help notice the energy, creativity, optimism that this candidacy inspires among the once apathetic youth and those who have never became interested in politics.

On the morning of February 5th, I joined my fellow Marinites and voted for Barack Obama. It felt good. While I would vote whoever was the democratic nominee, I wanted to vote FOR someone rather than vote AGAINST a republican. I wanted to vote for an intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring person who offers a rhetoric that appeals to every American's highest instincts. I want someone to marginalize the culture war in favor of real problems and challenges our country faces like global warming, a failed foreign policy, an unsustainable economy, and divisive politics that allows corporate interests to rule our nation.

Visiting his website and doing research I feel he is a better candidate whether you are democratic, republican, green, or independent. Some people would say that he lacks substance, but they have failed to convince me. No other candidate would use the bully pulpit of the office to greater effect in solving the problems that our country faces. He is the best face to represent us out in the world persuade them that our country is entering a new era of responsible diplomacy.

Join me and the great bulk of Marinites in supporting Barack Obama for President. Call all your friends in Washington State, Texas, Louisiana, Hawaii, and all the other States left to vote and encourage them to vote for Obama. You can visit Obama's site and join their phone bank online. Please join us and give money to his campaign.

Another thing you can do is contact super delegate and our representative Lynn Woolsey to respect that her constituents overwhelmingly voted for Obama and that she should rethink her support of Clinton.